Monday, July 21, 2014

I Benard osore Omusanga  The Lord saved when I realized I was missing something precious in my life. I realized that I am a great sinner who deserves to die and go to hell. Although we all are sinners and fall short of Glory of God and I saw myself as a great sinner of all people.
But I thank God for sending his own begotten son to die and pay ransom for me. And also being baptized in water. Thank you Jesus.
 Since I got saved I found myself very light at heart, ready to forgive and forget, and have time to read the Bible and also having friends who discuss the Holy Word of God and above all helped me to manage and overcome challenges in my marriage and my life at large
Thank you God for sending your only son to save me from Sin and to have made me realize the most important thing in life is Salvation.


  1. Praise God! Mungu akubariki sana, Benard! We love you and your sweet family. John & Mary Catherine Holley

  2. SO nice and bless to knowing about the friends in time to be save and how to be save in quard of God to find Christ and get gift of the Holy Spirit to be with us to helping us and be our comforting in to the way to glory,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  3. Hello in joy to send my blessing that that the way and encourage to not give us the fight with the lord and be sowing good seed in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and pray always,keijo sweden