Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prayer letter.

We at Bethesda Baptist Church Tassia marvel at the Lords doing in our midst.  The Lords guiding hand has led us thus far. That’s why we can join with Fanny J Crosby in singing;
Great things He hath taught us, great things He hath done,
And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;
But purer, and higher, and greater will be
Our wonder, our transport when Jesus we see.
I am Dave Muema and I shall now endeavour to fill you in on recent happenings and status report of the Bethesda Baptist Church Nairobi Local Church.
1.      Bible classes
It pleased the Lord to open a door for a bible class in our church aimed at equipping the saints with knowledge on particular topics like bible study Methods, Church history, Evangelism Methods, preaching classes, and others.
A former teacher to Pr. Michael in Bible college and a dear friend to the church Dr. Reuben Ngume undertakes the training every Sunday afternoon from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. The attendees unanimously agreed to start with Church history which since commencement has been received with Joy.
Dr. Ngume works with a college with campuses all over east Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan) and some Sundays he will be away on Duty but plans are underway to start a book reading for the around-15 member group in his absence.
Among the attendees are a number of young men being shaped up to take up church leadership and Dr. Ngume and Pr. Michael are planning to talk to a bible college to confer certificate at the end of the course.

2.      Prayer meetings
The church has several weekly prayer meetings. Every Wednesday and Friday, at 7 pm, in Tassia and Doonholm estates respectively, we have house fellowships, open to all. Saturday is an action packed day in terms of fellowships: every Saturday at 3 pm in Ngomongo village Nairobi, Brother Edward Mutesa leads children fellowship. They all don’t attend the church because of the distance between ngomongo and the church which is about 14km. The church plans to establish a branch in Ngomongo to serve the need. On the same day, twice a month, in the church are the ladies having fellowship. The Pastor joins them to teach them.
And now I plead guilty to the charge of saving the best for last: Best in terms of number of attendees. The Youth fellowship takes place every second and last Saturday of the month. It is a house fellowship as well, and the youth host it in their houses alternatingly. We have brothers from Emmanuel Baptist Church Nairobi preaching to the youth (Caleb Nakina, and Stephen Maina). Steve is now tackling the theology of Joy from Philipians 1. Around 20 young men and women attend.

3.      Evangelism

Once a month, a team of five sets out to evangelize in Tassia and pipeline estates. They also distribute gospel tracts. A while back Pr. Michael taught them on evangelism methods.  They’ve had positive impacts and they are greatly encouraged to meet other Christians in the field.
4.      Bible study and Sunday School
These two run concurrently on Sunday morning, 10:30 am to 11:30 am. Sister Faith Atieno teaches the Sunday school and at times aided by Sisters Magaret Otieno and Anne Kamau. The children are about 10 with majority from Ngomongo. They are currently going through the book of Genesis.
The adult bible study is currently studying 1st Peter guided by a study book “Watumishi wa Neno.” Brother Edward (a student pastor), brother Kariuki, and brother Collins Have  been assisting the pastor in conducting the bible study.
5.      Sanitary Towels Project
The Lord put a burden in the Pastors wife, Sister Margaret Otieno. The burden is to sew and distribute washable sanitary towels. In 2014 a story was narrated to her about girls in a primary school who missed national exams because of lack of sanitary towels.  This touched her and fuelled her zeal towards the ministry. In the wake of this she also started training other women on how to sew the towels and she has been to Ruai (outskirts of Nairobi) severally and Bissil (Maasai land) for trainings.
6.      In General:

We’ve continued meeting on Sundays to worship the Lord together as a family, a family of God. As a local Church we’ve witnessed the Lords presence and doing in our midst. We thank God for servant Leadership from Pr. Michael, zealous church service leadership from service leaders who are mostly youths. Some we see serving, some serving behind the scenes, all to the glory of God. We, once a month, have a close round table close communion.

“We share our mutual woes,
our mutual burdens bear,
and often for each other flows
the sympathizing tear”
This hymn is our lords Supper anthem, we continually contemplate on the brotherly love and tie.

In conclusion we thank God for taking us this far, and this far, we say He is Ebenezer. We trust that in his time we will be registered by the government, and also we pray for growth in the faith for our members and we also remember those in big and small need, we trust that God in his appointed time, will intervene. We pray for the church to be fulfilling its mandate and we pray for the spirits guiding, every hour of every day.


  1. Great work you are doing, may the Lord hear your prayers as you seek Him more and make Him known. Would love to visit you someday.

    1. Thank you very much brother for your gracious comments. Please welcome.
      We will be glad to have you.
      Grace and peace to you.

    2. Thank you very much brother for your gracious comments. Please welcome.
      We will be glad to have you.
      Grace and peace to you.

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