Monday, December 14, 2009


My Testimony
The Lord Jesus Christ opened my heart when I was in standard three. I can't remember exact date and year but I can remember very well the events of the day and even the place where we were.

I was looking after my grandfather's cattle with a friend called Masela Oboch, he was also looking after his fathers cattle.

We then started talking about the end time and how the Lord will come suddenly. As we were talking we then realized that we were not ready to meet with Lord. I saw myself as a sinner needing to repent like the people on the day of Pentecost (acts 2:37)

We cried to the Lord in the field to have mercy upon us ad the Lord was so gracious to me. He saved me from my sins.

My friend then gave me a small booklet called "Help From Above" which I read and I was greatly strengthen when I read Galatians 5:19-22.

To God be the glory I am His by grace.

In conclusion I a agree with John Newton" I am not all that I should be or what I want to be but thank God I am not what I used to be".

How I came to embrace reformed faith.
In 1992, I went to Nairobi Pentecostal College Garden Estate for a three year course in Bible and Theology.

When we were in second year we were doing the doctrine of salvation and a atonement. then our teacher warned as a against two extreme when dealing with doctrine of salvation. He told us that Calvin and Herminia went to the extreme. Calvin exalting God's sovereignty and Araminia also exalting man's free will.. He then told us to balance the two and take a middle ground.

Then I said to myself I have been at Arminia preacher and I know Arminia theology but I have never read anything about Calvin and his teachings.

I went to our college library and by God's providence there was Institute of Calvin in the college library. I read it keenly and even taking notes.

The first part of the book changed my life and doctrinal position. When I read about the knowledge of God and man my eyes were opened to see that what Calvin was teaching was true and Biblical.

Charles H. Spurgeon once said "

The truth that Calvin preached that Augustine perched, that Paul preached is the truth that I must preach today or else be false to my conscience and my God. I cannot shape the truth, I know of no such thing as paring off the rough edges of a doctrine. John knoxs gospel is my gospel. That which thundered through Scotland must thunder through England again"

And I also say that this truth must thunder through Kenya again.

. About Bethesda Baptist Church
Bethesda Baptist church is a reformed baptist church( believing and practicing doctrines of grace and preaching the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Holy scriptures Acts. 20:27 ) The church is based in Kiatuni - Machakos Eastern Province and has commissioned us for a church plant in Choka- Njiru district- Nairobi.

II.Appreciation and Acknowledgment

We sincerely thank pastor Mutua and pastor Munuve and the entire Bethesda Baptist Church Kiatune for commissioning us for church plant in Choka- Njiru district as well as for their prayers and moral support.

We also thank Injili Bible Church Kawangware for their prayer and encouragement and also pastor Sukesh for volunteering evangelistic literature( tracts, books) to aid in church plant endeavors.

IV. Prayer Request.
We are requesting our brothers and sisters in church to support this work in prayer particularly ,(i) Evangelism, that the Lord may touch hearts of His people to believe and receive the gospel with the honour it deserves and turn to Christ.

(ii) Prayer for brother Simon and Myself that the Lord may grant us grace and boldness to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bible studies: that the Lord may help us to establish Bible studies in public places as well as in private household.

Grace and Peace to you all

Pastor Michael Otieno Maura


  1. Hi Michael. Thanks for pointing me here. May the Lord bless your ministry!

    God bless,

  2. and I'm the second to get here! Many thanks for this. Martin

  3. Beloved Brother Michael,

    It's a great idea to have a blog to enlist prayer support and to keep people who are interested in your ministry endeavors updated! May the Lord bless you and Simon in your evangelistic labors in Choka, and may He open many hearts to receive the glorious Gospel there!

    Grace and peace be multiplied to you,

    Chad Carlson