Thursday, January 13, 2011


The church is situated about six kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta international Airport and about 12 kilometer from the Nairobi town in Tasia estate east of Nairobi and where the church is a cosmopolitan area which is highly populated since majority of the people living there are working as casual laborers at the Jomo Kenyatta airport.
The Bible study was started early last year by Pastor Michael Otieno and who has been involved in the most of Bible studies in the area which has a very big population, first we started with one lady called Diana who opened her house for us, She was fallowed by Gladys, Esther and then Denis. Denis have moved to Satellite area and now is attending Injili Bible Church Kawangware which in the western part of Nairobi.
Later the Bible study grew to ten adults and many children from the area in attendance.
The church is hosted at the private learning center which called valley of truth learning center which has given the church two rooms to meet in every Sundays for free, one room is used for adults Bible study and preaching and the other for children's Bible studies and the main challenge is that the rooms are too small and squeezed and cannot hold more than ten people but we are grateful to God that we have somewhere to meet in every Sunday.
For the last six months or so the church has been doing Bible study on a book called Christian Basics by Dr John Hall and each and every person has a copy and the main aim of the Bible study is to make the people understand the major doctrines of the Bible. This will help people to know the true gospel at the word go.This book is very simple and easy to understand and use.

Sister Darla has talked with their Pastor and the may soon send to us a work book on the doctrines of grace which we intend to use in our Bible study immediately we are through with Christians basic by Dr John Hall. May God give grace to this dear sister who has a heart for God's glory.
The main aim of the fellowship is to bring reformed faith to those who have not heard of true gospel before and to reach those who are not saved with the Gospel that Christ receives sinful men who flee to Him as their only hope of salvation.
 Proper evangelism in the area can help draw people to come to hear gospel of truth and if we can target twenty this year and grow in number next year then we can say that reformed faith is reaching many and do pray for the pastor to get people who will be ready to hear the gospel and take it out to others who are needy.

We thank God for Injili Bible Church for providing gospel tracts which we have been distributing as we go from one house to another. We also thank God Sister Christie in the U.S. A who sent to us seven Bibles which we gave out to those who could not afford.

We recently receive over 4000 Gospel tracts from Brother Noah Beach which we are going to use in Evangelism.

As a fellowship we are hoping to do more of visitations and visit some of those who were with us last year but have not been seen for about two months and encourage them to come and hear the word and in this we need to work as a team

The church is situated in a populous area which we can call a semi-slum in Nairobi and there is a need for bible studies to be done at least three to two times in mid week and if tracts can be available for a one to one bible study can be of great help.
The room in which the church is meeting is too small and congested and if a more spacious room with good chairs can be at hand there the brethren may not be squeezed in the church however getting a sizable room need resources which is not available at the moment since the main aim for now is to bring people to hear gospel. The availability of room can also make it possible for mid week Bible studies and if are started at the beginning of the year can be of good advantage.
There is also need of more hymn books and Bible both Swahili and English to help in reading and knowing really what is required of a Christian.
We do look forward for your prayers for us as a growing fellowship that we may be able to reach the unreached with the true gospel and we call upon anyone who may have free time to come and help us with evangelism.
We also need those with the gift of teaching children Sunday school and singing to come and join us one day and help us to strengthen where we are lacking.(That a volunteer may come to help us with singing and teaching and door to door ministry  etc).
That the church may be able to find a more spacious place to host more than ten people to about thirty.
That we may work on the children Sunday school class and involve them with activities during school holidays and invite their parents during VBS and this may be an opportunity for contacts:

Church Neighbourhood




Nicodemus Studying the Bible

Diana and her son Joe.

Faith & Calvin.

Part of the congregation.

Part of the congregation standing.

 Diana and Nicodemus

Debra, Skidie, Joe & Diana.

Margaret, Faith, Calvin, Daniel carrying Debra.

Fred Otieno leading Bible study.



  1. im so thankful that the Lord led us to meet..i enjoy reading your blog and learning about your ministry and ways that we can help spread the Gospel..we pray for your ministry that many Souls may come to believe on Christ, who IS Life....1 Cor 3 "Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.For we are labourers together with God.."

  2. Thank you for everything that you are doing. Your faithfulness in the Lord and your passion to do His will is truly inspiring. Best of luck to you!

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