Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Letter.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is long time since I gave you the updates of how we are doing in the Ministry.

In my earlier posts I told you that we were involved in church plant in a place called Choka. Indeed we started the work there and did door to door evangelism. We visited over 100 homes and gave out gospel tracts and witnessed too many people’s there.
We were meeting every Sunday in Jackan Primary School and paying Kshs 3,000 every month to the school for we were renting the place. One lady Mrs. Kariuki professed faith in Christ and has been in touch with us up to now. After the death of my Father in April and my son sickness and admission at Kenyatta National Hospital we were under financial constraint and we could no longer sustain paying rent and bus fare to Choka so we decided to look for a nearby place where we can go on foot and therefore we settle for Tasia Embakasi area where we are currently planting a church.
The first thing we did was to look for a meeting place and we walk around the place with my wife Margaret distributing gospel tracts. Pastor Nick and his wife Modestor were gracious to us and they offered us a meeting place in their school free of charge. Even though the place is small it is good for beginning.
The first person to receive us in the area was a lady called Daina and her two children. I met the husband later he has been attending our Bible studies but not our fellowship on Sundays. We are praying for him.
We were later joined by Esther and Gladys. The Lord bless Esther with a baby boy called Vincent Kioko and for now she was not attending our fellowship because the baby is still small but we have been visiting her and reading the word of God together.
As I was doing door to door evangelism I met a Young man called Dennis who has been attending all our fellowship and Bible studies, he is dedicated to the things of God. His wife Olivia stays far from him and she joined us one Sunday and she was thrilled that the husband is even attending Sunday service something he was not doing before.
On Sundays I have been preaching evangelistic messages. The aim is to point those who are not save to the Lord Jesus. My wife has been teaching children and please pray that many will come.
Currently we are studying Christian Basic by Dr. John Hall on Sundays. We have finished the Bible and the Living God and on 10th we started the Lord Jesus Christ.
Every Wednesday we have a Bible study/prayer meeting in Samson and Dainas house we are currently studying Ephesians. Friday morning I normally go to a primary school to teach children Gods word.
On Saturday I normally go around witnessing and distributing gospel tracts. There is a family who opened their house for us. They are Roman Catholics and even they don’t have a Bible. I gave them one recently. After this we normally study a book with Denis and Samson.
The book we are studying is called ‘All things new’ by Peter Jeffrey.
Please pray for us for church plant are not an easy work. In my early ministry I was involved in church plant but in the last two churches I served were well established and with any people.

The God of hope be with you all.


  1. i enjoy reading your blog and i love seeing the pictures that you post, its encouraging to see others who love Gods Word. Blessings!

  2. Thanks Christie for your gracious comments, Prayers and the Bibles you sent to us. I gave one to a couples who have never own Bible all their lives.

  3. thats SOOOO Wonderful!! makes my heart rejoice to know those Bibles are being given to others to learn Gods Word! Bless You Brother Michael!